Reflexion CAFM for Property Owners & Developers

Reflexion CAFM System for Property Owners and Developers is specifically designed for FM Departments of these companies and is an ideal application for managing FM Operations, FM Service Provider Contracts and will facilitate the serving of tenants better and meeting their objectives.

With its base modules, while making sure that the Asset, Help desk, Reactive Maintenance are well within the control of the central FM services unit regardless of which team or Sub Contractor is involved in delivering the maintenance services as to the tenants.

Reflexion Core Modules

  • Facilities (Location) Setup Management
  • Service Categories Management
  • Technical Resources /Technical Staff Management
  • Assets Management
  • Service Provider Contract / PRS Management
  • Preventive Maintenance Management/ Statutory Reactive Maintenance Management
  • Notifications
  • Energy & Sustainability Management
  • Management Reports
  • Performance Review Dashboard (Always on Management Dashboard)

Reflexion Optional Modules

  • Inspection & Audit Portal (linked to Inspection & Audit Mobility App)
  • BMS / Remote Asset Monitoring System Interface
  • Document Central (Central Document Repository)

Direct Access Portals

  • Service Provider / Sub Contract Portals
  • Management / Technical Team Approval Portals

Mobility Solutions

  • Customer App (iOS / Android)
  • Field Technician App for Staff / SP Staff (iOS / Android)
  • Asset Tagging Mobility Application – Staff / SP Staff (iOS / Android)
  • Inspection and Audit Mobility App (iOS)

Implementation Benefits

Asset Life Protection
  • Asset Life and Maintenance Management made very easy
  • Paperless, simplified Preventive Maintenance system
  • Control the Service Providers maintenance behavior through automated Performance Rating System (PRS)
  • Simple Mobile App based Service performance
  • Timely information to the technicians and supervisors
  • Management level escalation of Elapsed Maintenance
  • Automated SCADA / BMS reporting into Work Order Management
  • Digitalized WO Approvals from anywhere anytime
Customer Experience
  • Simple Mobile App based Service Request Reporting
  • Tenants ability to follow-up and escalation via App & Portal
  • Easy feedback and satisfaction star rating on fingertip
  • Predefined SLA based on the ‘type of Tasks’ and ‘location criticality’
  • Built-in VIP service management workflow
  • Timely notification on critical statuses to Tenants
  • Sophisticated features such as Geo mapping, photographs request status and history for superior customer experience
Cost and Operational Benefits
  • Resources Efficiency Analysis
  • Touch time Analysis & removing bottlenecks
  • Timely Preventive Maintenance & automatic trigger of high maintenance costing assets
  • Management Approvals for all Service Provider quotations & ‘out of Scope’ works with multi level hierarchy
  • Integration of all data sources into a single system (e.g., Help Desk, Customer App, Audit etc.)


‘Property Developer Centric’ CAFM
Protect Asset Life

Approximate saving by protecting the life of the asset through a scientific method of executing and monitoring PPM can be up to 15% of the total asset value.

Secure the Spent on Service Providers

Estimates are that unmonitored service providers can eat up approximately 20% of the value that the company should get by engaging a FM Service provider through proper system to track, monitor, analyze, penalize etc…

Energy Saving

Better maintained Assets will also consume less electricity, water etc.. and the can be easily up to 10% of the utilities bill.

Brand Value

By maintaining excellence in FM operations, the assets look and feel is kept young which directly impacts reputation, prestige and brand value.