Network Security Audit

Because of increasing awareness about IT processes, more sophisticated IT security tools are required. A network security audit is a means by which the ongoing level of performance of an organization's network security can be monitored and it allows for the investigation and pinpointing of chosen trends and specific security incidents.
Lattice's network security audit looks at both broad categories of information i.e. static and dynamic data





Study of Existing Network Setup, Network Security Review Document, Management Presentation / Feedback Review, Final Report Submission

The Audit would cover the following areas: Switches, Routers, Firewalls, Wireless LAN, VPN Equipment, Network Components, Backup Servers / Tapes Storage, External Resources like Web Servers /Mail Servers, Remote accessed Applications and physical access to  critical site equipment etc.

The report would highlight the end objective for each Issue, Impact on failure and Submit Solutions along with Budgetary Costs